John Meehan  1922-2007


Lorraine delivered the eulogy at the services.
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These are just some pictures that show a love of life and Family!!

There are so many family pictures and so many family members, these are just a few from the Ryan side.

John and Carmella

Lorraine in 8th grade with Dad

Laura fixing Grampas hair.  He loved the attention from the kids.
This is what he was all about!!!!

Papa-John with baby Brennah
He was Papa-John to Brennah and Kelsey

Papa-John with Brennah and Kelsey (great-grandchildren)
He loved to be with the grandkids and later great-grandkids and great-great-grandkids.

John and Rick, He'd try anything at least once!!!

You can see from these pictures that he had a sense of humor, he sure did!

In his later years he really loved his cats.  Here he holds Shadow, a cat Laura gave him.
She promised it would only be temporary, she'd pick it up later if they would keep him a while.
The cat died from old age, John loved that cat!